What is the MANNA Fund?

It was started in 2001 by Howard and his wife and is named after their first cat – Manna.

The aim of the fund is to provide veterinary help to any wildlife and stray animals that come into the practice. The cost of any medication and care is financed by the fund and the veterinary treatment is provided free of charge by our wonderful staff. Much as we would like to help every animal that comes into the practice, our fund is very limited and we rely heavily on the generosity  of our clients.

Fundraising for The MANNA Fund

One of our very clever clients, Fiona Richardson, has been spending hours making the most beautiful, bespoke cards.

She donates these cards to us, free of charge so that we can sell them to raise money for the MANNA fund.

Each card is £1 and a 100% of the money goes straight into the fund. Pop in to reception and have a look.

NEWS FLASH – The amount Fiona has raised for the MANNA fund is 176.00 – that is so amazing and we are all so grateful to Fiona for her continued support.

We do not have any up and coming events at the moment.  If you would like to run an event or have any ideas how to help raise funds, please contact  Jane Hughes on 01722-337117 (I don’t bite …….often !!)

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