caring for your cat

Vaccination Protocols And Safety

For a long time all new kittens and puppies were given a standard vaccination, which protected them from a number of infectious diseases. Recently a number of new vaccines have been developed and pet owners and veterinarians have begun to question the value of routine annual vaccination for adult pets. This has led to development of [...]

Toxoplasmosis And Risks To Pregnant Women

Toxoplasmosis is a parasitic disease which can affect cats and all other warm blooded animals, including humans. In both cats and humans its effects are usually mild and the parasite is easily kept under control by the body's natural defences. However there are exceptions: In pregnant women, the parasite may cause severe damage to the [...]

Tick Control

Ticks are common external parasites (ectoparasites) affecting cats in many areas of the world. Environments suitable for tick development include forest, grass and moorland vegetation, close to wild mammals or birds on which they can feed during their immature stages. Cats most commonly become infested with ticks when they are walking or hunting in these areas. Some specialised [...]
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